The Cubicle Chronicles

Bethany Bowers is like most recent college grads: idealistic, underemployed, and broke. After leaving her dead-end telemarketing job, Bethany happily accepts a position at a prestigious Pittsburgh recruiting firm.  She soon discovers, however, that it’s a corporate world and she’s just living in it.  There’s her obnoxious, self-absorbed boss, his scantily-clad “executive assistant,” and a host of other co-workers who give the expression “the inmates are running the asylum” a whole new meaning.  After realizing that life in a cubicle farm isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, Bethany begins to wonder what else the world holds in store for her.  As if professional trials were not enough, the insanity spills over into her personal life.  Stress wreaks havoc on wedding planning with her fiancé, aggravates a sibling rivalry with her older brother, and explodes her relationship with her helicopter parents.  With the help of Heidi, her friend and only normal co-worker, Bethany goes on a hilarious and introspective journey of self-discovery.